Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally arrived!  

While I am so excited for April to enjoy fresh air, flowers blooming, and a chance to finally see the sun -others are not as excited.

To many when they think of April, the happy thoughts are lost by the date of tax season and on top of that, they have to spring clean? Get out! 🙅🏼‍♀️

I always love when I can finally get outdoors, put all my outdoor furniture back out and clean off my porch. To be honest, very few things bring me that much joy every year. And while, 78% of Americans plan to Spring Clean, 55% of them dread it according to SpareFoot blog.

In fact, 54% would rather do taxes than Spring Clean. 😱

This got me thinking: what can you do to look forward to Spring Cleaning?  

Here are 3 simple tips to do year round to be better prepared for Spring Cleaning.

It’s a Marathon

Why do you need to do a year’s worth of tidying in just one month?  I mean - I would dread that too.

Focus on one room at a time during the year to get organized.  

No good house flip is done without taking the house down to the studs to see all the problems and the same is true for organizing.  

You must remove everything from the space to evaluate what you have.

Then determine what you really value and choose to keep. Once you have narrowed items down to what you love, be systematic about where you place the items back into your space.  

This is key, because you want to make it easy for you to maintain the area being organized.

New items need a home

One of the most common issues I find is that people obtain more ‘stuff’ that comes into their home over time - but they don’t give it a home.

As soon as you walk into the door, give this item a home. A lot of times you will find yourself a lot more eager to hang up a new outfit if you really love it.  If you notice that the shopping bag sits on your floor for weeks not touched, do you really need that item?

Once you give the item a home, it is now organized.

Remember: The items that sit around and never make it past the hallway are clutter -- and clutter only grows bigger and bigger.

Enjoy the outdoors!

Save your outdoor organizing projects for when it is nice outside.  

I have been itching to get outside all winter, but instead of complaining that I can’t get out, I’ve completed almost all of my indoor project!

The second the sun is out, I am out that door - and you won’t see me inside again for at least 3 months. 🙌🏼

Hello garage! You often have your garage door open a lot more during the warmer months, so what better time to have a nice, organized garage for you (and your neighbors) to look at!

I know that when you implement these small changes next year, you will be ready for Spring Cleaning, rather than dreading it.  

Give it a try, what do you have to lose right?