When we leave, we want our clients to feel like they have taken back their space and have a system in place to maintain this moving forward for years to come.   

We have developed packages for our Clients, ranging from a Power Hour for those not wanting to take on a big project at the moment to our biggest package, Unlock the Key to Complete Serenity, which is 20 hours. The larger packages are perfect for moves or bigger projects like a garage or basement. We also have packages in between for a Closet to maybe a 12 hour package to tackle everything in the kitchen. 

L+K Home Organization

We truly strive to restore calm in our Clients lives
and give them the Key to Simply Living. 


We love what we do and want to make a lasting difference in your life.


Meet Kim



I have been an extremely organized person my entire life, from when I can remember. It was the way that I found peace and happiness even as a child. My bedroom was my place of zen and I had everything the way I wanted it ….in a family that was always on the go!  My clothes were color coded by style, my CD’s were in alphabetical order by genre and I started doing my own laundry in 6th grade so I could fold and separate my own clothes the way I liked it.  I would like to credit my brother for a lot of my OCD.  After sharing a bathroom with him for 18 years, I discovered to keep all my items separated in their own home so that this messy brother could maybe, possibly not touch!

As I grew older and life got much busier, I somewhat lost touch of my organized side.  It was there, but not as prominent.  Then my world was turned upside down and I had twins!!  I was blessed with a boy and girl, Victoria and Dylan.  The first year was a complete blur.  We had everything under the sun thrown our way in the first year: my husband got a new job, twins were in NICU for 6 weeks, multiple hospital visits, and oh we decided to move…because you know, why not?  I was working seven days a week, with a side hustle on top of my 9-5 Corporate career, and just trying to keep my head above water. 

As I looked around at all the boxes still not unpacked from our move, I realized something must give here.  So, the kids went to the grandparents and the hubby off to boys weekend. Before they even left the driveway, I had music blasting and everything coming out of the closet. This is how I spent the entire weekend, getting my home in a nice peaceful and organized state so I can easily find everything. No time to waste! At the end of the weekend, I finally sat down and had the best satisfaction and rejuvenation. It was almost better than the spa. I was ready to take on the world and be the best Kim possible. I haven’t slowed down since and the idea of L&K was born!

Before I took the large leap of faith, I spent a lot of time brainstorming and researching ways to make this company as successful as I knew it could be and finding the best way to use my organizational skills to the best potential possible. I realized I truly wanted to help other moms who work full time and then feel like the weekend is spent catching up on housework from the week, or the stay at home moms who are just trying to survive every hour, minute even, while the house is completely turned upside down with toys.


Perfecting Our Systems

L+K can obviously come in and organize the space, leave, and then what? It goes right back to normal. No, that doesn’t work for us. 


So, our focus has been on creating customized systems that works for every single Client. When working with Clients we ask that they give us dedicated time with no distractions to truly learn what works and what doesn’t. We also evaluate every single item in the space; does this bring you happiness or value, have you used it in the last year? If not, let it go. We consider the how the space is best used and who needs to use it. After this process we start creating our systems.


An easy example of a small system is the Mom who just wants to paint her nails when she has five minutes, but she keeps all the nail polish in the upstairs bathroom and polishes her nails in the kitchen.  She finds herself moving the nail polish from the kitchen to stairs, to bathroom and then repeat.  Why not give the nail polish a home in the kitchen?  Sometimes you truly have to think outside the box and find what works best for you and your family!  Spend those 5 minutes painting your nails instead of running around trying to find all your products. The key is giving nail products a home easily accessible and clearly identified.