Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

The new show on Netflix: Tidying Up featuring Marie Kondo as been all the buzz the last month or so - but just in case you have been living under a rock, the show is all about Marie Kondo who is an adorable, yet fierce, Japanese organizing consultant and author.

She created the KonMari method, which is a lifestyle brand inspiring people to choose the items that spark joy and complete their tidying adventures.

The show follows her into people’s homes and help to clear out the clutter.  

People ask me about it all the time and often send me pics of their own DIY efforts.  It always makes me so excited that other people are as excited about getting organized as me. Is this a dream?!

Before the KonMari Folding Method

Before the KonMari Folding Method

After the KonMari Folding Method

After the KonMari Folding Method

While I don’t partake in telling my clothes thank you as I toss them into the giveaway bag, I think a lot can be said about asking yourself…does this shirt bring me joy?

Often, we keep a lot of clothing for various reasons: I got it on sale, it was a present, or I feel like I need it are just a few of the reasons.

One of my Clients told me she would always look at her closet stock full of clothes and say, “I have nothing to wear.” Does this sound familiar? She went on to say once she cleared out her closet and only kept the items that “sparked joy”, she could clearly see what to wear daily and the process was easier. The icing on the cake is that she has received multiple compliments on her outfits since decluttering her closet!

Why? It is because she is wearing the outfit proudly and, I assume, exuding confidence.

I know when I wear an outfit that I don’t absolutely love, I feel frumpy. When I feel frumpy, I walk frumpy, my work product is blah, and I try to hide or not be seen. On the days when I dress in an outfit I love, I walk in a door like I own it!

So why don’t we wear outfits we love daily?

It seems like such a basic concept, but one we all get caught up in. If your closet is busting at the seams, rather than deciding you need a bigger closet, look at all the items and see what you truly want to keep that brings you joy and happiness.

This method can go far beyond your clothes. For me, it is a lifestyle. One I love to share and talk about nonstop.  

So regardless if you thank your socks for their hard work or not, Marie Kondo does offer a lot of valuable lessons about clearing clutter and how it can change your life!  

Now, I am off to go binge watch some more, eat my popcorn, and smile nonstop as I watch my girl Marie transform the lives of many.

If you want more tips and tricks on how to KonMari your life, hop over to my Instagram where I’ll be hosting Tuesday Tips with Kim!

Happy Organizing!