Packages & Pricing

With all of our packages, we will develop systems specific to your needs and goals. These systems are created so that once we leave you can easily maintain your newly organized space.

The Turn Key to Calm

4 Hours of Organization

Smaller Closets
Toy Rooms
Nursery Setup


The Key to Simplicity

12 Hours of Organization

Larger Closets

Unlock Complete Serenity

20 Hours of Organization

Storage Units


We recommend doing 4 hour increments at a time. A la carte Pricing is available upon request.


Not ready for big change, or just need a little help getting started?

Try a Power Hour!

In this hour we can transform your space while implementing systems that will last for years!

Power Hour

The Key to Organization:
1 Hour of Professional Organization



It’s time to restore calm to your home.


More Ways to Stay Organized

Don’t live in Louisville, KY or surrounding area
but still want to get organized? You are in luck!

L+K The Organized Subscription

The Organized Subscription — Cost Varies

What if you could make one small change a month in getting organized?

What if it was directly mailed to you with tips/tricks and easy steps to follow?

What if you were in a Facebook Group with others and could hear their input as well?

We are making all these “what if’s” true!! Life is crazy and hectic...let’s make it a little more simple to spend time with family enjoying life rather than stressed!

L+K Moms on the Go Command Center

Moms on the Go Command Center — $49

Organize your life for the upcoming school year and beyond!

The Moms On the Go Command Center will become your Bible for the school year, a central location to house to do lists, calendar, activities, etc...In addition, we will have a Private Group to help support parents across the world setup Morning Routine, Chore List and much more!

This is a tool that you can take with you on the go from practice to school and always have what you need at your fingertips!


Virtual Organization — $225

Technology is an amazing tool, so let’s put it to work.

We can organize your space, virtually! We will set up a 60-minute Zoom call to look at and discuss the space, what about it do you like and what you dislike. After our call, we will put together a detailed plan for you to declutter and organize. Mid-way through the project we will set up another 30 minute call to check in. If you need organizational tools we will shop on your behalf and ship to you directly! Once you are complete, we will do another 30 minute call for to see how everything went!